Our Processes

We aim to make building as fun and easy as possible with our 3 Step Process

01. Pre Design

Utilise our Pre Design Consultations. This will put you on the right track as far as budgets are concerned from the outset.

02. Preliminary Agreement

This is a mini contract that allows us to organise your architectural drawings, soil test, engineering and provide you with a Proposal that will outline the cost and details of the project. You will still be fully involved and in control the design of your home with the Architect, but having us involved with the design, and engineering helps to keep budgets in check and ensures this critical phase is carried out as effectively as possible. It also takes the stress of the homeowner having to organise so many people.

03. Acceptance

Upon acceptance of our Proposal a contract will be entered between yourself and Waldron Constructions. Once that’s signed, thanks to our intensive quoting procedures, already having a plan on how to execute your renovation or extension we can hit the ground running. This along with our open and effective communication enables us to carry out your building project in the most efficient method possible. Guaranteeing another happy customer.

In terms of working on the proposal, this is were all the stones are turned over. Dissecting the plans and working everything out to the last nail. Our process is so thorough that the job is basically planned before the client even gives us the job. All our suppliers and contractors know about the project and whats involved,we have all thoroughly studied the plans. Material quantities are all worked out and stored in spreadsheets and suppliers quotes, we know how long it’s going to take. It’s a time consuming process but it’s the only way to know we are giving you a Proposal that is accurate, inclusive and can guarantee you satisfaction on completion.


Pre Design


Renovations &


Decks &
outdoor areas


Bathrooms & Kitchens







Bush Huts


Farm Gates &
Rail fencing


Horse Stable,
Tackroom & Barns