We have a host of building services for the home owner. Including the best way to start your project
on offer in Brisbane, with our Pre Design Consultations. We also have a range of building services to
suit acreage living, horse owners & eco resorts.

Pre Design Consultations

We have a great new building service others aren’t offering, that is going to revolutionise the way home owners start a building project and it could save you thousands and months.

After witnessing time and time again, disappointed homeowners spending a lot money for construction plans for projects that never go ahead due to not having a realistic budget from the outset, we decided to do something about it.

We have created a service that puts you on the straight and narrow before forking out for Architects and Engineers. It’s a Pre Design Consultation.

We meet with you and discuss in depth every aspect of your intended project. We compile all that information and with my extensive experience we will provide you with a written estimate on what you could expect to pay for your dream home.

This is the smart way to start your project. Don’t spend months, and thousands waiting for construction plans only to find out your can’t afford it. Take advantage of our Pre Design Consultation service. You will either save thousand on design fees or be able to start your project with the knowledge you will be able to follow through with it and we can assist with the design and engineering process. Ensuring a smooth and enjoyable building experience.

For a low introductory offer of $550 you would be mad not to use our service.
Call us now on 0421 756 580 to book your consultation and kickstart your dream home the right way.


Pre Design


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